Clean Solar Panels
About Us

We can clean 10,000+ modules a day

We have washed millions of solar panels.

We can clean 10,000+ modules a day

We have the experiance to get the job done

Call 209 840 4323 for a instant over the phone quote for most jobs


What We Cover

Carports and Ground Mounts

Solar Farms

carport pigeon netting

Carport Pigeon Netting

Utility grade sites

Pigeon control

Carport Bird Netting

solar panel farm
under panel netting solution
carport pigeon netting

You Should Know

Clean Solar Panels

Clean Solar Panels make more energy
Clean Solar Panels will last longer
Clean Solar Panels protects your investment

Why Choose Us?

14 years of experiance
Proven Safety Track record
Fully Insured
Customer Satisfaction is NUMBER #1
Our Happy clients include

Stockton School District

Tracy School District 

Lammersville School District

Fresno School District

California State Prison System

Kings Canyon School District

Too many to list here hundreds of locations 

Hundreds of thousands of panels cleaned on time. 

Millions of panels washed

Our Office

10907 Dixon Rd Oakdale CA.96361

Clean Solar panels
Bird Netting

Pigeon Control

Call Us

209 840 4323

Pigeons under your solar panels? is a Authorized Bird B Gone installer certified in all areas of avain control

We are a leader in solar pest abatement carport or comercial buidlings

Clean Solar Panels has the solution to solve your pest problem. Our service comes with up to a 10 year guarantee. Clean Solar Panels removes pests, cleans out all the debris, installs the barrier, and then washes your entire system and affected area, so your system will look new again.

Kits can be purchased without install service for the DIY’ers

Statewide service

Clean Solar is the most trusted service provider for many of the States largest commercial solar asset managers. We work with companies directly to make sure the customer experience is second to none. Clean Solar Panels offers superior service  keeping your customers engaged and singing your praise

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